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We simplify and transform people’s lives with thoughtful planning.

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area & beyond

How We Help


We’re Red Crane Wealth.

An independent advisory firm committed to helping you navigate the area where your life meets your wealth.

If it’s time to take a close look at your money, we help you make the right financial moves through...

A rare partnership.

We’ll be your sounding board to talk through decisions, your unwavering guide to keep on you track, and your project manager to take proactive action on your behalf. 

People laughing

An eye-opening process.

Often, pressing financial questions evoke mental burden. We take great care to ease your concerns by illuminating the options you may not know you had.

Elderly couple

A detailed plan.

You need a team who looks at your finances holistically. We’ll analyze every piece, developing a plan in which all parts work in tandem for your benefit.

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Let’s instill confidence in your money life.

There’s a better path for you and your finances, and we can help you find it. Let us prepare you with research-driven tactics, education and clear steps to adapt to what’s next.

What We Offer

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