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Clarity starts here.

Let’s create your path to true freedom. 

Freedom comes from knowing you’re on track to reach your aspirations. This is why our first priority at Red Crane is to understand the goals you have and the values you want to live by. Through our process together, we’ll look into all aspects of your financial picture— helping you discover ways to build upon the wealth you’ve earned and live the life you want.

How It Works

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Introductory Call

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Getting to Know You


Presentation of Ideas



Tax and Estate consulting

Tax & Estate Consulting


Ongoing Review

Introductory Call

The introduction call gives us the opportunity to get to know you and learn about your challenges, goals and hopes for the future. We’ll also share more about our practice, team and services. Our mutual goal is to determine if it makes sense to partner together and move forward.

Getting to Know You

During this stage, we’ll talk through your financial concerns, define your most important goals, and review your financial picture. We’ll work collaboratively to interpret your information. Together, we’ll get a clear idea of where you stand, what you have accomplished, and where you may need guidance.

Presentation of Ideas

Now for the fun part of the journey. We’ll walk you through a preliminary set of ideas that we’ve come up with as part of your personalized financial plan. If you resonate with our ideas and how we work, this is the point where we would formalize our relationship and welcome you aboard.


Implementing your plan might only require one meeting, but it may also take place over several meetings. We believe in educating our clients throughout the process, so we’ll take our time putting each element of your strategy into place with you.

Tax & Estate Consulting

Once we’ve laid a foundational plan, we’ll move onto more advanced topics of estate planning and taxes. We partner with tax professionals to help minimize the amount of taxes you owe now and throughout your lifetime. We also work with estate planning professionals to create a strategy for passing on your wealth in the most efficient manner.

Ongoing Review

Throughout the year, we’ll monitor your progress. Our team takes a proactive approach by keeping a close eye on the markets, staying up to date on tax and legal changes, and reaching out to your circle of professionals if changes need to be made. We’ll work with you to decide how often you want to communicate throughout the year and what your preferred medium is. Through our ongoing meetings, we’ll revisit and fine tune your strategy to reflect any life changes or newfound goals.

Your plan will incorporate every element of your financial life.

And it’s designed to evolve just as you do.

A good plan should be flexible enough to reflect changes in your life, and it should also be based on an understanding of your entire financial picture. We always get to know the full portrait and your specific goals before crafting recommendations.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

We work with a team of outside tax professionals to develop and implement a clearly defined tax strategy. Through ongoing sessions, we’ll regularly seek out additional tax savings opportunities for you. Your strategy will be designed to help you maximize your savings for retirement, navigate your business taxes, and keep more of your income.

Estate planning

Estate Planning

Preparing your estate plan helps mitigate potential risks and complications for your loved ones. We partner with estate planning attorneys to create and regularly review an estate plan that aligns with your financial plan. Taking this kind of proactive approach means your assets will be distributed how you wish, your children will be cared for in the event of an early passing, and an efficient transfer of wealth can take place.

Equity Compensation Planning

Equity Compensation Planning

Whether you have RSUs, ISOs or NSOs, we’re aware of the opportunities and nuances of stock option planning. We’ll work with you to determine an optimal equity compensation strategy that supports your financial goals. In addition, we’ll help manage your concentrated stock positions by incorporating your future exit plans.

Real estate planning

Real Estate Planning

Buying your first home or vacation spot is exciting—but managing the property and deal is another story. We make the process smoother for you by overseeing communication with your real estate agent and mortgage lender. Further, by considering everything from 1031 exchanges and property tax planning to legislative and regulatory analysis, we help create strategies to minimize your tax liability and avoid spending more than you need.

Retirement planning

Retirement Planning

Understanding your vision for retirement is where we’ll begin. Then, we’ll work with you to create a tailored savings plan that supports your retirement goals while protecting your wealth from elements beyond your control. Once we’ve built your plan, our team of dedicated experted will put each part of your plan into action.

Investment management

Investment Management

By applying our expertise, we build you a thoughtful investment portfolio that we studiously monitor and update over time. We believe in systematic, disciplined investing that helps you ignore what you can’t control by focusing on the things we can control (such as risk, costs, diversification and tax strategizing). Our ultimate goal is to bring simplicity to your life while keeping you on track to achieve your financial goals.

Education planning

Education Planning

With college costs rising, planning ahead for your child’s higher education is critical. We’ll work with you to calculate how much you need to save, what your funding options are, and what your timeline looks like. By establishing a thorough and proactive financial plan, you’re set up to afford college—without sacrificing your retirement goals.



Most of us don’t enjoy thinking about worst-case scenarios, but experiencing an unexpected, life-altering event without a plan is even more difficult. This is why we help you protect who and what matters most to you by reviewing your existing insurance coverage and/or recommending you to trusted professionals that can address your needs.

An Overview of What We Charge

Our one simple fee includes both investment management and financial planning. 

More information can be found in our firm's Form ADV Part 2A Wrap Appendix.

Assets Under Management
Annual Fee
Up to $500,000
Next $500,001 - $1,000,000
Next $1,000,001 - $2,000,000
Next $2,000,001 - $5,000,000
Next $5,000,001- $10,000,000
Over $10,000,001

Do more with your wealth.

Our role is to be your steadfast partner, providing financial counsel to move you towards your most profound life goals — and a successful financial future.

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